Pyramid Technologies - Authorized Service Center - Distributor - Europe

XHELOS bvba is an Authorized Service Center and an Authorized Distributor for Pyramid Technogies Inc. in Europe.

Licence Number 002508.

We Sell High Quality Billacceptors and Thermal Printers

     Reliance Thermal Printer

     Trilogy Billacceptor

     APEX 7000 Billacceptor


Trilogy Billacceptor:

Update Files New 50€ now available..

Version 1.58

   Please send inquiry, then firmware update file will be send by email.


   PTI gives 2 year warranty on all its units. Check your serial number if there is still warranty.

   Companies with broken units can send us these units.

   Please Fill in Repair Sheet for each unit and send us these units.


   We can repair and re-calibrate these units.

   We also do firmware updates and distribute PTI units and parts in Europe.

   Ask for a price quote, large volume discounts.

   Lees de folder...  PTI Gaat Internationaal


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Following UNITS and PARTS are available:






   Detailed information see below - Datasheets see Download Page



Customers with non-traditional footprint requirements or wide bills select the Trilogy Series.  This durable, cost conscious solution blends the features and benefits demanded by a global marketplace into a single, wonderfully productive unit.


Type: Stackerless

Available in Mode: RS232 - Pulse - Parallel - MDB - ccTalk

Used for all currency up to 85 mm.


Order Ref: Trilogy Stackerless - Mode - Currency

Datasheet Trilogy Series


Technical Details:

 - Lockable, removable cashbox (Stacker models).

 - Dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology.

 - High security design.

 - 12VDC standard.

 - Lighted arrows on bezel.

 - Bills up to 85mm wide accepted with various bezel options.



APEX 7000 Serie

The Apex 7000 makes the best bill acceptor in the industry even better.  The Apex 7000 harnesses the reliability of the Apex 5000 and adds customer driven improvements including dip switches for ease of use.



     Type: APEX 7000

     Available in Mode: RS232 - Pulse - Parallel - MDB - ccTalk

     Used for all currency up to 72 mm.

     Euro: 5 - 10 - 20


     Order Ref: APEX 7000 - Mode - Currency

     Datasheet APEX 7000 Series








Technical Details:

 - Lighted arrows on bill entry mechanism capture interest and increase usage.

 - High security against fraudulent bills.

 - Dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology.

 - 12VDC standard or optional 120VAC internal power supply.

 - Bills up to 72mm wide accepted.


Reliance Thermal Printer

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Order Ref: Reliance Printer

Datasheet Reliance Printer



 - 200 DPI Maximum Print Quality

 - Paper Width up to 80mm

 - Built-in Paper cutter

 - Automatic Presenting and Automatic Retraction of paper

 - Cutter Life Greater than 1,500,00 Cuts

 - Windows Driver Support

 - Simple Configuration and easy Firmware Updates

 - User Customizable Text and Graphics

 - Pyramid Welcomes Custom Applications to fit your needs



 - Operating Voltage: 24V AC

 - Idle Current: 150mA

 - Operating: 6A max (2,2 A draw at a 50% Print Rate)

 - Weight: 1,22 Kg

 - Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (-20 to 60°C Option Available) 80% Non-Condensing Humidity Max

 - Print Speed: Greater than 220mm per sec. - Eject and Retract Speed Greater than 1000mm per sec.

 - Paper Detection: Paper Low on Roller, Paper Empty and Paper Notch Detection

 - Accessories:

     - Paper Holder Arm with Paper Low Sensing

     - Serial RS232 (DB9) Harness

     - USB Communication Harness

     - 24 Vdc Supply





PHOENIX Thermal Printer

The Phoenix Printer is second to none for your amusement, gaming, and kiosk application. From it’s removable guide to it’s robust cutting mechanism the Phoenix is the new industry standard for your printing needs.






Order Ref: PHOENIX Printer

Datasheet PHOENIX Printer




Technical Details:

 - USB/ESC_POS Interface (Standard).

 - Pot-O-Gold Interface (Standard).

 - Pulse Interface (Standard) to convert coin hopper games to printer systems.

 - Time/Date stamp applied to Tickets and Coupons using a Real Time Clock.

 - Integral Paper Cutter (Full & Partial Cut)

 - Easy Panel Mounting.

 - Automated Paper Loading.

 - DIP Switch configurable.

 - Unique design with multiple patents pending.

 - Uses standard 58mm thermal paper.

 - Long life print head and cutter.

 - User-customized coupons and tickets.

 - We welcome Custom applications!!!